Gold Coast light rail operator,
QLD Australia

G:link is the system brand operating the state-of-the-art Gold Coast light rail project. Their mission is to provide a leading social infrastructure and urban design project that aims to connect the people and places of the Gold Coast. Quadrant have been working closely with G:link since their inception with the aim of launching the G: to the public with a positive impact. Quadrant’s marketing and advertising plan involves creating a brand that is valued across the community and presents the G: as the contemporary addition to the public transport network on the Gold Coast.

• Television & Cinema commercials
• Radio
• Online ads
• Merchandise
• Point of sale material
• Signage
• Vehicle wraps
• Print collateral
• Press & magazine advertising
Digital advertising
30 second TV commercial
Magazine advertisement - double page spread
Merchandise - branded pens with route map
Merchandise - Sunscreen, water bottle and surfboard wax
Launch event uniforms
Brand launch video
Official launch event - unveiling of the first branded G:Link tram
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